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Win Big with Bingo Jackpots

By - Linzi

Tasty Bingo Jackpots in a Variety of Flavours!. If you are new to online bingo you may get confused by all the different types of jackpots out there. No, it is not nearly as simple as just bagging a jackpot!  Online bingo sites clearly love to mix it up a little and have you working for your cash! Don’t worry – it is all extremely fun work that will keep you coming back for more and more!  So if you ever feel like you need something to refer to know that the Online Bingo Lounge have this little number for you.

Progressive Jackpots

This is one of the very best types of jackpots that could have you bagging millions – really!  This little beauty usually has a starting point and the more people who play the bigger the jackpot grows and grows.  Depending on the bingo site, the progressivejackpot may have a cut-off point but by itsvery nature it literally grows until someone is lucky enough to snap it up!  The jackpot will fluctuate as players win prizes but to snap up the whole jackpot you have to call bingo within a finite number of calls.  This too depends on the site on which you play but typically to collect the entire progressive jackpot one must call bingo in around 38 – 40 calls.

Coverall Jackpots

One of the great things about a Coverall Jackpot is that they are usually HUGE!  However, you have to try your hardest to snap them up quick because they tend to decrease after a certain ball count!  For example, a coverall jackpot could start as huge as £1,000,000 but players have to call bingo within (for example) 30 calls or less to sweep that prize.  If no one bingo’s within 30 calls the jackpot starts to decrease and could end up being far smaller than it was when it began!


This is one of the most generous jackpots as all of the players who have bought tickets into a game that features one of these beauties is a winner!  That’s right – a Community Jackpot actually split amongst every single player, but of course the biggest chunk is saved for the winner!  Though this is one of the very best jackpots you may rarely see these except on very special occasions as the nature of a community jackpot means that players are essentially bagging a chunk of jackpot for just the price of one little ticket! 

Bingo Linx Games

Bingo Linx Games are a little bit special.  These are bingo games that are linked across a certain network. This network will be the “powers that be” behind a whole host of the most well-known bingo sites and each of the sites will have this same Bingo Linx game advertised. You can play in the game so long as you are a member of at least one of the sites in question and the Bingo Linx jackpot works 2 ways.  One way is much like a progressive jackpots in that the more players buying tickets the bigger the jackpot.    The other is a fixed jackpot – a lot of bingo sites cap the jackpot at around £8,000 or £10,000 (typically) and all the players across all of the bingo sites have to fight to snap it up!  This jackpot is both a blessing and a curse – the jackpot is always pretty huge but there are always a lot of players that you have to beat out to snap it up!

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