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Types of Online Bingo Explained

By - Linzi

The Many Faces of Online Bingo. We have already touched on 2 of the most popular types of online bingo but there are far more than the traditional 90 and 75 ball offerings.  There are a lot of different types, from the best known 80 ball and speed bingo numbers to the most coveted 5 line bingo treats to the lesser known 30 ball bingo!  As we always strive to enhance your online bingo experience by being your font of knowledge, we have explained them here on this one, handy page!

Top of the Shop - 90

90 ball bingo is one of the most popular and easiest to play.  The card typically holds just 3 lines with 9 columns and 5 numbers on each line. Played with 90 balls, all you have to do is daub the numbers until you have completed 1 line, 2 lines and then a full house.

Strive and Strive – 75

75 ball bingo is most commonly played in the US but now that bingo has hit the internet this is very popular all over the world.  The aim of 75 ball bingo – which is split into even boxes to look like a 5x5 grid – is to simply cover the whole lot (“coverall”) or cover the pattern on the card.  75 Pattern Bingo – also known as 75 US Bingo – typically offers 3 players the chance to grab the jackpot with a line winner, pattern winner and then the coverall winner.The coverall game – usually dubbed 75 UK Bingo - is extremely popular as sometimes there are special games in which there is just one winner to snap up the prize.  However, mostly the 75 ball game is split into 4 lines before the coverall (“full house”) is played, offering potential wins to 5 players!

Ghandi’s Breakfast - 80

As you may have guessed this type of bingo is played with 80 balls, however the rest does not differ from the other classics every much.  Played with a card laid out in a 4x4 pattern, this little treat has 16 numbers per card and is played much like 75 ball bingo. 80 ball bingo is often referred to as Speed Bingo, however, due to the increased speed and thrill of the game.  This makes 80 ball bingo a fave amongst hardcore bingo fans.

 Dirty Gertie – 30

As a result of the fact that it is played with just 30 balls – hence the name, of course! – 30 ball bingo is an extremely fast-paced game and perfect for bingo fans looking for some action!  Again this is played much like 75 and 80 ball bingo, with the numbers laid out on a grid of 3x3 and the object of the game to be to cover the numbers as quickly as possible.  Again, there is just 1 winner who takes it all!

5 Line Bingo

5 line bingo is incredibly popular thanks to the fact that there are 2 extra lines and so 2 more chances of you winning!  Apart from the fact that there are 5 lines, this game is played exactly like the average 90 ball bingo.

Joker Bingo

This is a 3 x 3 grid that holds cards as opposed to simple numbers and each game is played with a group of 6 hands. The prizes are decided the number of decks and prizes that you have purchased per game.  There are two types of prizes in this one; the first prize goes to the player who manages to bingo on the letter J and the second is the first player to have uncovered all the cards.  It sounds and looks a little complicated but it is not – it is simply played like 75 ball bingo but you turn over playing cards instead of daubing off bingo numbers.

Deal or No Deal Bingo

This is played much like 90 ball bingo, however there are 3 as well as a Deal or No Deal bonus game! Each of those has a prize connected to it, making you even more likely to win!  As soon as a player has bagged that full house “The Banker” will phone to make an offer for the remaining box.  Each player in the room can vote to let the winner know what they would do and the winner can see those results.  Then it is a simple case of answering that all-important question; “Deal or No Deal.”

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