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Transition of Online Bingo from Land Bingo

By - Linzi

From the Venus to the Virtual – Where Bingo Began!. Remember when the only way to snag some bingo action was to trudge on out to your nearest bingo hall?  Times havewell and truly changed!  Not only can you now head to your computer and enjoy playing for some awesome prizes from the comfort of your own home, you can also play wherever and whenever you like via your mobile phone!  But how did this transition happen? 

The Bingo Roots

As you may have read elsewhere on our site, bingo actually originated from a lottery game that the Italian government cooked up in order to generate some revenue for their newlyunited country.  Dubbed the Il Gioco del Lotto d'Italia, this was a weekly lottery game that took the nation – and soon Europe – by storm.  And thus the game of Bingo was born!

The Bingo Tree

Bingo grew and grew in popularity, with bingo halls popping up all over Europe, but it took the UK in particular by storm!  Though the Government actually tried to ban all gambling – including bingo – during the Great War, it snuck under the radar and continued to grow in popularity and studies actually showed that a massive 51% of women and 71% of men in the UK indulged in some form of gambling or other, including, of course bingo!  It did become seen as a bit of a “ladies game” as it hit its height in the late 60’s and bingo halls became an unspoken “man-free” zone!

The Bingo Flowers

Bingo has never really changed much since its birth but the biggest change of all came in 1996 when the very first online bingo site was created!  The tickets followed the popular UK format of 90 ball bingo as seen within the halls and the exact same rules – simply to daub off the numbers – were employed. 

The Differences Today

The main differences between playing bingo online and at a traditional bingo hall remain to be seen in the technicality of the game alone.  The rules are still identical, however online bingo has become far simpler thanks to the fact that they offer auto daub.  Auto daub does exactly what it says on the tine – it daubs off your numbers automatically!  This doesn’t just mean that it is far easier to bag a win thanks to the fact that you are not likely to miss any of the numbers, it also means that you are free to chat to your virtual friends.  You can do this via the chat boxes that are now a staple feature of all online bingo rooms.  Where offline there is simply a cage to mix and spit out the numbers, online bingo uses an RNG – random number generator.  This is to ensure that the numbers you see are just that, generated randomly!  This is to give each and every player has a fair and even chance of winning, just like the brick and mortar bingo halls.  Where a real bingo caller calls the numbers in live-bingo, a computer generated voice calls the numbers online. 

The Future of Bingo

Technology is allowing for bigger and better bingo experiences.  Naturally the transition from online bingo to mobile bingo has already occurred, with graphics, images and speed of play to rival that of online bingo.  The more players that turn to online bingo, the better the games will become, and this of course is true of technology; the bigger technological leaps that science are making, the better our bingo sites are becoming.

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