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Responsible Bingo Gaming - Don’t Get Caught in a Web of Bingo Addiction!

By - Linzi

Avoid a Sticky Situation – Be Responsible!. When it comes to online gaming of any form, there is a very real danger that you could become addicted.  Bingo games, scratchcard, slot games or casino games – they are all extremely thrilling and they all hold the potential to make you very wealthy.  These 2 things combined COULD be a recipe for disaster if you are not careful.  This is why online bingo sites have some measures in place to try and help you should you think that you are becoming even a little bit addicted to gambling.  Not only do a lot of bingo sites offer training to their staff in order to spot erratic behaviour, they also have pages full of handy information for YOU to educate yourself with and know that there is help as and when you need it.  Bingo sites want to know that you are full in control of your actions and so do we, so we have knocked up this little article as a helpful guide to promote responsible gaming!

Protection of Minors

First and foremost – gambling of any kind is restricted by law to those who are 18 years or over.  Whilst we and bingo sites can of course do all that we can to count towards the protection of miners and most online gaming sites employ the use of filters to try and protect wondering eyes, you need to do your bit, too.  There are several things that you can do to ensure the safety of minors:

  • Utilise any child-lock functions – passwordsetc. – that you computer may have
  • Download a filtering program to protect kids from nay inappropriate online content


Before you are allowed to sign up to an online bingo site you do have to confirmthat you are over 18 years of age and some sites do even go that one step further and request proof of identity before you cash out your winnings.


As a precautionary method to prevent compulsive behaviour stemming from gambling, a lot of (if not all) online bingo sites offer you the chance to utilise a Self-Exclusion facility.  Basically if you have a very addictive personality, have had trouble with gamblingaddictions before or even simply wish to protect yourself you can opt to have your deposit limits monitored, have the bingo site in question cancel your membership and even prevent you from accessing the bingo site and remove your name for the mailing list upon your orders.  You will then never be contacted by them again, or you can opt to have this lifted within a certain period of time, usually around 6 months after the Self-Exclusion was imposed.

Self-Deposit Limits

As we mentioned briefly, some online bingo sites offer you the chance to impose limits on yourself when it comes to depositing.  This is extremely handy if you know yourself that you may find it hard to stick to a limit, have battled with irresponsible gambling in the past or have had trouble in this area before.  It will also help you even if you simply do not wish to spend too much.  All bingo sites offer some form of self-exclusionfacility so make sure you read the ResponsibleGaming section of each site that you wish to join so that you know EXACTLY what that is and what you need to do to have this enforced should you need it.

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