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How to Play Online Bingo?

By - Linzi

Knowledge is POWER with Online Bingo! When it comes to online bingo there are a few options open to you. If you are a regular to the bingo world then you will know that the 2 most common forms are 75 ball bingo and 90 ball bingo. Both of these bingo games can be found on almost each and every single site and one if very rarely found without the other. Of course there are other types of bingo but these are the ones that you will find most often. Just in case you are brand new to online bingo. Here is a quick run-down of what you can expect:

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1 Line, 2 Lines, FULL HOUSE!

90 ball bingo is the most traditional type of bingo and it mostly played in the UK. In this game the cards are typically 3 horizontal lines and 9 columns. Each line holds 5 numbers ranging of course from 1 to 90. Typically it is played in 3 stages, with players doing to their best to pip each other to a 1 line win, a 2 line win and a 3 line win which is classed as a Full House.

75 ball bingo is played in exactly the same way as 90 ball with only the cards to differentiate between the 2. 75 ball bingo cards boast 5x5 grids and each box – excluding the middle – is filled with a number between 1 and 75. This can either be played as a “coverall” in which the player has to cover all boxes to win or as a “pattern” game. If this is a pattern game, it involves a little pattern made up of the boxes and the aim of the game is to bingo on this pattern.In Pattern Bingo there are lots of different patterns, the most standard being horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines, diamonds, crosses and zeros. Typically the first person to cover the pattern is the winner, but some bingo sites allow 3 players the chances of winning by offering prizes to 1 line winners, pattern winners and then the coverall winners. Again the aim in 75 UK Bingo is to cover the whole ticket but some bingo sites actually play for lines within 75 ball bingo before the “full house” – the coverall – is played. This means of course that you have more chances of winning!

As the bingo game begins you simply have to look and listen for the balls being called, daubing off the numbers on your card as you do so. For example – if the number 8 is called and you have that on your card, daub it off! Continue as such until you have completed either a full line, a full house, a pattern or a coverall. Alternatively you could allow the auto-daub to bag a win. Bingo is a very simple game to play yet it is extremely fast-paced and thrilling!

From Brick and Mortar to the Virtual Bingo World

If you wish to start playing mobile bingo for money then the rules are exactly the same but again the wagering requirements will differ from site to site. Look out for the bonuses connected to mobile games, too – if you want a lot of those then make sure that you sign up to a site that has been specifically created for mobile bingo rather than a site that has simply created a mobile bingo platform as a side-note. This is because the sites that have been created for mobile games will have a lot more of these bingo bonuses on offer, so when it comes to playing bingo for cash, again you won’t have to delve too deeply into your own pockets!

Bingo Help Both of those types of bingo can be played either online or in traditional bingo halls but both of these options are very different experiences. If you want to play online then you simply have to join a bingo site that takes your fancy, at which point you could be given some free no deposit cash to try out the games (depending on the bingo site). You can use this to play any of the bingo games on the site in question and perhaps even bag a win! Some sites allow you to play as long as you like and offer free no deposit bingo rooms for non-funded players, however if you ever want to bag a jackpot and withdraw your winnings or enter into any of the bingo promotions then you do have to deposit. When you do so, you will be given a cash match welcome bonus. This will take the amount that you have deposited – eg. £10 – and increase it by a certain percent. For example – if the site that you have joined offers a 200% welcome bonus and you deposit £10 you will be given £20 free, leaving you with £30 to play with! This bonus can also be used anywhere on the site AND of course you can then join in the promotions!

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