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History of Online Bingo

By - Linzi

Get to Know the Roots of Your Fave Game! Bingo may be extremely widely available today with a tonne of amazing websites offering you the chance to play online AND thousands of mobile bingo apps allowing you to play mobile bingo no matter where you may be.  It’s hard to believe that such an impressive, graphically rich game could possibly boast such humble roots, but it’s true!  The game of bingo can actually be traced way back to the 15th century.  “Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia” – an Italian lottery game from around 1530 – is actually the grandfather of the bingo game that we know and love today.  The roots of bingo are not actually seeded in fun, in fact it is quite the opposite!  The Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia was createdbecause the Italian government were seeking ways in which they could increase the revenues of their new country.

Whilst they did not want to impose unfair taxes, they needed to find a way to generate cash – and fast.  One bright spark – who to this day is unknown – came up with the idea of the Lo Giuoco del Lotto d'Italia – a weekly lottery.  Naturally this was anabsolute hit and not only did it spawn our lovely bingo game, it is still played every single Saturday across Italy, almost 500 years after it was created!

Unlike a lot of other games that differ from their roots, bingo was played in much the same way as we know today; marking off numbers off of a card.  In fact, Germany even adapted this game to have it played in school with a view of helping children with their number work.  As far as we are aware, this game barely changed until 1929, when a man named Edwin Lowe discovered the game in Georgia, USA.  He absolutely love the game and the excitement and thrills that it generated andquickly became hooked himself.  Such was his love for the game, he even embarked upon the task of creating his very own game based on the one he took such a shine to.  At the time the players had been using beans to mark the numbers, and so he dubbed this game “Beano”.  This soon morphed into the word “Bingo” when Lowe introduced the game to his friends and family.  Again this spread throughout the USA, with Lowe eventually employing the help of one Carl Leffler.  Together they started to produce and distribute bingo cards.  As the popularity grew, other like-minded people began to take it upon themselves to print their own Bingo cards, negotiating deals with Lowe for the authorisation to use the by then famous “Bingo” name.

And there you have it – the birth of your fave pastime!  Bingo stayed the same until it hit the internet back in 1996, with the first recorded online bingo site Bingo Zone causing a storm online and paving the way for millions of it’s like to come afterward!  Nowadays the game of bingo has changed only slightly.  It has been reported that when the game hit France back in the 1700’s it was being played with card featuring 3 rows and 9 columns with 5 numbers on each row – not altogether dissimilar to our 90 ball bingo favourite today!  Of course we have the 75 ball bingo games now as well as 80 ball, 30 ball and 5 line bingo, but this game has a lot more faces than you think!  All thanks to the Italian government of the 1500’s!

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