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Bingo Superstitions, Do you have one of these?

By - Linzi

Grab your Lucky Pants before you Play Bingo! In the UK in particular, we are massive bunch of superstitious fellows and it doesn’t tend to stop at avoiding black cats and ladders!  Online gamblers usually develop a ritual that they think is lucky when it comes to sitting down to indulge in their fave game and it appears that bingo fans are the worst for it!  Whether it is circling your chair 3 times before you sit down or using a special bingo dauber when you play in bingo halls, you probably have yourself a superstition – we are obsessed with them!

Lucky Numbers

This is one of the most common superstitions that a bingo player will develop.  If you have bingoed on a specific number more than others then it is only natural – in our superstition-charged culture! – that we associate this with winning and so that number becomes your lucky one!  It may even be that you have a lucky number outside of bingo and so pick your bingo ticket based purely on how many times that number shows up!  Hey – whatever works for you!

Lucky Charms

This is another incredibly common superstition when it comes to both online and offline bingo.  It may be a lucky rabbits foot, it may be a 4-leafed clover, it could be a lovely little necklace you simply can’t take off or it could be something completely random like a little mascot that means a lot to you.  No matter what it is, statistics say that a whopping 3 out of 4 of you feel magical when you have that little guy perched on the desk in front of you!

Lucky Seats

You may think that this does not apply to online bingo players but it does!  With the invention of laptops and even mobile bingo games you can prettymuch sit anywhere you like provided you have ample internet connection.  So you may feel like sitting on the left side of the sofa is lucky, you may feel like your kitchen table is your hot-spot or you may even find yourself at your luckiest when you are soaking in the tub!  Mostly this does apply to those who play bingo in halls, however.  A lot of bingo fans frequent the same halls for years and years and have grown accustomed to sitting in “their seat” and woe betide YOU if you accidentally sit in that seat!

Other Superstitious Rituals

Some players will only ever purchase the exact same number of cards, some will only spend a specific amount on cards. Some never leave the bingo room that they think is lucky for them and some may even think another roomie is their lucky charm!  No matter how “odd” your bingo superstition may seem to other people, don’t ever let anyone deter you form yours!  You never know…..


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