Rebel Bingo Developing an International Following

Rebel Bingo Developing an International FollowingAn underground version of the classic game, Rebel Bingo was introduced in London for the first time four years ago. On a visit to a normal bingo hall, the action is definitely expected to be somewhat sedate and pedestrian.

However, this tweaked version of the game is quite dissimilar to the game that our grandparents are used to.  In Rebel Bingo, there are no chairs and tables, no awkward quietness, and no old people or suits, creating quite a different vibe.

It has been described as more of a club night with bingo going on in the background, where ‘players’ wander about armed with booze. The events are hosted by a charismatic host, alongside two attractive burlesque girls shouting out the numbers in a crude version compared to regular bingo lingo.

Throughout the duration of the night, two games of bingo are played, and the rest of the night is filled out with DJs pumping out music and people dancing. It’s not uncommon that you’ll find crowds of people covered in blue and pink scribbles. Apparently people cannot be trusted not to draw on each other when given alcohol and a marker!

This younger and more exciting version of the game does seem a little cheesy, but the alcohol obviously helped encourage the rebellious spirit. There is an array of prizes available for the drunken bingo players, from quirky umbrellas with lights on it, to massive teddy bears and bicycles. The concept began with a few friends having a boozy night in and came across a bingo kit. Amazingly it went on to acquire an international following.

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