Older Bingo Fans Now Playing Online

Older Bingo Fans Now Playing OnlineAs we all get older – one thing is definitely sure – all of the technological advancements can become quite scary.  That may be part of the reason that although the younger generation are embracing the wonder that is online bingo –perhaps some of the older generation have been slightly reluctant to get involved.  Change can be uncomfortable for some people – and let’s face it – the older we get the more difficult change becomes.

It seems the winds may be changing in terms of the world of online bingo and that older people are now leaving the traditional bingo hall days behind and heading over to the online sites.  It’s been no secret that bingo halls are in trouble (especially after the recent budget announcement of the increase in tax) – and it looks as if those players who were once apprehensive about playing online are now loving it!  85% of bingo players are online – so it’s never been more popular no matter the age demographic.

Perhaps it could be that online bingo operators have made efforts to ensure that it’s not too different from traditional bingo.  They have brought the social aspect to the site – so they are still able to chat with their roomies – and with sites introducing the likes of web cam it means they can have the exact same enjoyment without even leaving the house. You can also have your cards auto dabbed and there are chat moderators always on hand to help out.

What could the repercussions of this be?  If even the older generation is turning into silver surfers – do bingo halls have a future?  Only time will tell – but it looks as if online bingo is on the rise and let’s hope that there is still room for bingo halls too.

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