Grab £5,000 worth of real cash prizes at Treasure Bingo!

Treasure Bingo
Treasure Bingo is the place to be for free bingo games with a great party atmosphere and non stop bingo fun. Sign up and make a first deposit of £5-£10 to claim a lavish 500% welcome bonus. You can also get splendid bonuses of 150% and 100% on your second and third deposits respectively.

Seek out ‘Lucky £13K’ promotional offer to enjoy the great riches that come your way. Pillage as fast as you can to take the £10,000 max prize. What’s more? A stash of £3,000 bonus doubloons is to be shared with one to go and two to go players. 1TG winners share £1,000 bonus cash and 2TG winners share £2,000 bonus cash. So, see how much you can pilfer on Friday at 10 pm!

Make use of the ‘Gold Quest’ offer whereby every day the captain gives out loads of real cash treasure in his Gold Quest JP games, which play every hour from 9 am until midnight. Cards cost either 5p or 10p and the JPs stand at £50 and £100 respectively. Games in the 5p Gold Quest play every two hours from 9 am to 11 pm and those in the 10p Gold Quest play every two hours from 10 am to midnight. Be sure to get your cards for the next game now!

At the ‘£5K Big Bang’ promotion, join the Captain as he fires his cash cannon every Sunday at 9 pm for the £5K Big Bang. The quicker you bingo the more you can win, with an exciting jackpot of up to £5,000 to be won. Bingo in less than 29 calls and you will win the whole £5,000 real cash. The best part of the offer is cards cost nothing, so come join the fun and get winning right away!

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