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Do you often find yourself looking at the promotions page of bingo sites and getting excited about an amazing looking bingo treat only to find that it has expired? This will never happen again so long as you keep your eyes on our bingo news page! We are a dedicated team of writers who do our utmost to find the most awesome and most lucrative bingo wonders that have ever graced the virtual pages of any online bingo site! We don't just stop at bringing the daily treats to your attention - we make sure that you know all about the terrific seasonal promotions offered by bingo sites.
We know exactly what you want when it comes to promotions because we are just like you - massive bingo fans! There is rarely an industry more dedicated to bringing you oodles of bingo treats and so we know the importance of regularly updating our bingo news and bringing you the freshly bakes bingo deals fresh from the oven!

We invited Laura, who writes frequently for the Bingo Mania community to share her thoughts on the extremely popular TV series “The Bachelor”. We at Online Bingo Lounge have this exclusive interview only for you. As much as we love a … Continue reading

spice bingo banner

Celebrate the World Cup with Spice Bingo with their super bonus codes.  You can also win £500 in holiday vouchers. Things are certainly heating up this month at Spice Bingo!  They have an exclusive Football Fever offer to celebrate the … Continue reading

888 Ladies Bingo

Hi bingo lovers! We at Online Bingo Lounge always believed in providing you with the latest buzz in the bingo world so that you are updated with what’s going on in bingo town. We have provided you with reviews, player … Continue reading

Strict Licencing Rules Put Forward By the Gambling Commission- A Report

Gambling which is legal in the UK is the source of fun and entertainment for many. But as we all know when it becomes ones addiction it’s anything but fun. Thus UK has what is known as the Gambling Commission. … Continue reading

Betfair Bingo

2009 to 2013 is what it took for Betfair Bingo to open their doors to the Bingo lovers. Though it was quiet along time and bingo lovers had almost thought that this bookmaker site would probably never end up launching … Continue reading

Money Saver Bingo

The question “Why do you play bingo?” would bring out different responses from each one of you. For example some of you would say because it helps you unwind, some would say because you get to meet new people in … Continue reading