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Bingo Master Strategies

By - Linzi

It’s Not ALL the Luck of the Draw with Online Bingo. Whist it it is very true to say that online bingo is mostly a game of chance there are a few little tactics that could have you becoming a bingo master in no time.  An extremely intelligentmathematician Joseph Granville actually set upon the game of bingo in order to prove that there ARE strategies that you can utlise to help you win this game and eh van wrote a book about it!  His main view was that there are common numbers that pop up thanks to the fact that bingo balls follow a uniformdistribution. He also believed that you could give yourself a better chance of winning by choosing cards that hold equal amounts of numbers ending in 1, 2, 3, and 4 and so on.  Now whilst this very clever man makes very good points, his theories have been regularly disputed and often even disproven.Utilise his methods or simply have a look at our expert advice!

Of course there is no way on this green earth that you could ever predict the next stream of bingo balls that will pop out (and if you can, then you need to be on TV!) but simply getting to know which balls pop out most often requires a LOT of bingo watching!  You could simply enter a room and watch as much as you can, taking mental notes of the balls that seem to show up a lot and upon selecting your ticket make sure that you select the ticket featuring the most common numbers.  Of course the more cards that you play, the more chances you have of wining, too.

Play it Quiet

Avoid busy rooms!  More players mean more competition, so though there may be bigger jackpots in some busy rooms, make sure that you choose a happy medium and snap up those bingo cards like there is no tomorrow to give you more chances of winning and put the odds in YOUR favour!

Practice Makes Perfect

Yes, that old chestnut!  This is true in bingo land!  If you are manually dabbing then this of course makes your hand-eye co-ordination far superior, but practice even if you are auto daubing because practicing is the only way in which you will actually find a system that works best for you!  And of course this way you can look to see if there are any common numbers popping up.

Above all, you have to be patient when it comes to online bingo.  You can spend your life trying to control your odds of winning and have bingo odds working in your favour but in all honesty, bingo really IS about the luck of the draw!

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