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By - Linzi

The Perks of Traditional Bingo Halls. The love of online bingo may well have begun in a traditional bingo hall for most of you but a lot of bingo fans that play online may never have been in a hall in their lives!  The game of internet bingo admittedly trumps playing in a brick and mortar venue in many ways, however sitting alone at your computer to indulge in this game doesn’t make it all that sociable.  True you can chat to your friends as you play but one of the terrifically fun things about halls is that you can head out with your gal pals, have a glass of wine and a right old knee’s up whilst you play for some lovely prizes!  There are many, many sites out there that detail precisely why online bingo trumps brick and mortar bingo but we are here to remind you that you can have just as much fun in halls!

Bingo within halls is played in the exact same way as online bingo, with 90 ball bingo being played across the UK and 75 ball bingo popular in the US.  Some of your biggest online bingo venues boast brick and mortar destinations so if you love the likes of Gala Bingo or Mecca Bingo then you are bound to love playing in their halls, too.  There are thousands of them up and down the country and there are numerous sites that act as a bingo hall directory that allow you to find the destination of the bingo hall nearest you!   One of the biggest perks of playing in the bingo halls is that when you win a jackpot you get it straight away – no fuss!  You will receive your winnings on the night that you play, though if you win a sum that reaches well into the thousands then they may give you some cash on the night and a cheque for the rest.  Still – no waiting around for 8 days, which is the maximum you wait for bingo winnings to be withdrawn. 

As online bingo grew in popularity, bingo halls started upping their prizes to keep up with the competition and nowadays it is not unheard of for a top bingo hall to offer their fans not just cash but holidays, gadgets and so on!  The prices to play bingo in a hall tend to vary dramatically and tend to reflect the prize on offer.  As you may expect, the bigger the prize, the more you pay for the cards.

A New Generation of Bingo Halls

When you play bingo at your favourite online site, you are not just sitting in a bingo room – the entire site is your virtual bingo hall!  When you open an account you can then do far more than simply play your favourite game.  This is a place to socialise, it’s a place to meet new friends and it is a place to have loads of fun!  You are bound to make a tonne of friends at your online bingo hall and because so many sites offer social media as part of the package you will end up knowing your bingo buddies just as well as you now your real-life pals!  Don’t worry – bingo sites have every measure in place to keep your identity and private information safe and sound, so unless you choose to divulge this information yourself the very strict privacy policies will keep you safe. 

Bingo is not Just for the OAP’s!

Don’t go thinking that bingo is for the blue-rinse crowd – as bingo reaches more and more people you will find that it is a very fun and sometimes cheeky pastime!  A lot of hen parties, birthday parties and so on take place in bingo halls because this is the most fun that you can possibly have whilst having a crack at some major jackpots!  Bingo halls are not stuffy, they are not dull and they are certainly not boring!  Flashing lights, music between the games and plenty of flowing shandies make for an extremely fun and lucrative night indeed!  So don’t shy away from bingo halls – you can have just as much fun playing live as you can playing bingo online!

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