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Bingo Chat Games – Chat to Bag Bingo Bonus

By - Linzi

Join in the Chat Games and Win Big! It may seem too good to be true but you can actually snap up some lovely big jackpots indulging in your second favourite thing to do (bingo being your first, of course!): chatting!  We know how ladies love a gossip and so do online bingo sites, so they have utilised the terrific chat tool to create some excellent bingo chat games!  Now when you head into a game you don’t just have a crack at the jackpot given for bagging a full house – you will also be able to snap up bonuses playing these little extra games!  Not to mention you may even make some new friends!

Bingo Chat

Because of the fantasticability to auto daub within bingo rooms, bingo sites introduced chat boxes.  This means that you can chat whilst you play.  In case you are a noviceto online bingo, head on over to our bingo lingo section and school yourself on the lingo, as they tend to have their own little languages in there!  Sites soon realised how much their fans loved to chat and started cooking up some fun-packed games to reward them even more.

Bingo Chat Games

Played within the chat window, chat games are an incredibly fun and easy way to bag more bonuses and it will get you chatting to new bingo mates.  If the site thatyou have chosen offers chat games there will be a Chat Moderator to carry them out.  There are a lot of different types of these games, from Trivia games based on movies, music, generalknowledge and so on to things like making predictions based on the first bingo ball you think will pop out, the first colour of the ball that pops out or even the number of the ball that you think will end the game and so on.  One of the most fun is the Karaoke bingo chat games in which the Chat Moderator (CM) “sings” (types) the line of a song and the players within the room have to guess what the next line is or guess the song! 

Little Extras

You don’t even have to have your brain switched on to win these chat games – sometimes the prizes are literally dished out to you!  Some CM’s simply play what is known as Alphabet chat games and award prizes to each player who’s name begins with the same letter as the bingo winner or even Birthday chat games in which you could scoop some cash for simply having the same birthday as the winner!

The Prizes

These are rarely paid out in cash, instead you will bag bingo bonuses which are as good as cash but you can’t withdraw.  You can use them to buy more bingo tickets, though!

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