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Bingo Adverts are Funny

By - Linzi

Even the Telly isn’t Safe from Online Bingo! We bingo fans love nothing more than sitting down with a cuppa and catching our soaps on the TV – well, besides bingo!  But luckily for us we can even get a little glimpse of our favourite bingo sites when we do so because there are a whole bunch of funny little adverts for us to feast our eyes on.  A lot of our favourite bingo sites even sponsor our fave TV shows!


From the Jeremy Kyle show to Emmerdale, a bunch of the biggest known names in the bingo world sponsor TV programs.  They do so because they want to get their names out there and they know how much we all love a spot of telly!  There is so much competition in the world of bingo that offering the biggest and best bonuses, games and jackpots sometimes isn’t enough!  We are easily persuaded little creatures and chances are if we see a bingo site sponsoring the lovely Jezza K we are far more likely to head on over and give it a look!

TV Ads

You cannot fail to notice the amount of adverts for the biggest known name sin the industry.  One thing that they all have in common is that bingo TV adverts are all very funny!  They love to reflect the fun and carefree side of playing bingo and make sure that they give us all a right good chuckle!  Laughter appears to be the best medicine as the sites with the funniest and cheekiest advertisements tend to get the most hits.

Bingo Ads Under Fire

With all of this having been said, there have been a few online bingo sitescomingunder scrutiny by the Advertising Standards Authority – ASA – and some of them have even been banned.  A lot of the bingo adverts have even come under fire because they are said to be misleading, however this could be mostly down to the fact that the public misconstrue what bingo sites actually mean by “free cash” – they don’t understand that this means “free cash to spend on bingo games”. However, the major issues that have arisen before have actually been rather severe and not just a case of the public having a bad reaction to gambling adverts.  Sure, one bingo site were forced to remove their ads because it was thought to be too appealing to children but one particular bingo site actually came under fire because it was said to be “racist”!  A very bad move that could tarnish the entire bingo brand.  Whether the ASA themselves have deemed that a bingo advert does not meet their standards or whether the ban was a result of complaints from the general public, bingo sites are now more careful than ever when it comes to advertising their brand on national TV. 


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